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Coffee Journal

There are so many different ways to brew coffee and learning those techniques is what makes the world of coffee so much fun! Come with us as we explore and collect the most interesting and creative brew recipes out there. If you have some special techniques of your own, don't hesitate to share it with us so that we can try it too!

A title image that shows our digital barista Kafia teaching customers how to read a coffee bag label

Coffee Journal - How to Read a Coffee Label

Often times, we get super confused by coffee labels and just go ahead to buy the coffee that sounds and feels the most exotic, but wouldn’t it be great if...

Coffee Journal - What is Specialty Coffee? - Part 1

What is Specialty Coffee? To begin answering this question, we need to start by asking ourselves where the name "Specialty Coffee" even comes from. Let's learn more about The Queen of...
Image shows a giant coffee scoop holding a lot of raw green specialty coffee with an Otaku Coffee Lab card stuck into the coffee beans
Otaku Coffee Lab's Logo surrounded by whole coffee beans, and ground coffee beans

Coffee Journal - A Case For Coffee And Anime

Where Coffee meets Anime! Let's get a better understanding of how Otaku Coffee Lab was inspired to come to life.